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Storage Unit Size Guide

Struggling to figure out how much space you need? Have a look at some of our most popular units below to gauge how much space is needed for your items. We're also more than happy to help find the right storage unit so get in touch with us below!
5' x 5' Units
Perfect for a handful of personal or seasonal items that only come out once every now & then
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5' x 7' Units
Sufficiently sized unit for personal and/or small office furnishings

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8' x 8' Units
Ideal for storing tables, shelving or other infrequently used appliances.
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5' x 10' Units
Easily fit the contents of a one-bedroom apartment in 50 square feet of storage space!
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10' x 10' Units
Larger unit suited towards bulky household furniture & appliances.
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10' x 18' Units
Large unit designed to store larger household furniture in-between moves.
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17' x 20' Units
Designed for large, cumbersome furniture such as desks, bookcases & refrigerators.
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20' x 20' Units
Perfect for large apartment clearouts or as a temporary space between long distance moves across country.
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